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Liver Problems in India

There have been recent changes in the eating patterns of urban Indians. From a diet consisting of plenty of carbohydrates, unrefined flour and low fat, there has been a shift to high fat content and low residue. The modern Indian diet is increasingly rich in carbohydrates and fat. This, together with an increased alcohol consumption, has resulted in a rise in incidents of heart diseases, high blood pressure (BP), diabetes as well as liver problems.

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Consumption Of Alcohol Leads To Liver Failure

Alcoholic liver disease occurs after years of heavy drinking. Alcohol can cause inflammation in the liver. Over time, scarring and cirrhosis can occur. Cirrhosis is the final phase of alcoholic liver disease.

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Cirrhosis, Can Be Treated Through Liver Transplantation

The liver weighs about 3 pounds and is the largest solid organ in the body. It performs many important functions, such as:
Manufacturing blood proteins that aid in clotting, oxygen transport, and immune system function

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